«Lo siento cariño, pero quiero más al PES que a ti» [Video Freak World]

Canción de autor en la que un frikón deja a su novia porque está enamorado del Pro Evolution Soccer. Si pensabas que eras friki, este video seguro que te bajará los humos.

Un par de perlas…
«Meterla de falta directa es mucho mejor que el sexo contigo»
«Ya sé que estoy distante en nuestra relación, es que estoy montando mi equipo de Master League»

Tras el salto, la letra completa…

Baby I’m sorry, it’s not working out,
There isn’t another woman, so please don’t shout
I just can’t split my time, and flit to and fro,
So I’m sorry I’m leaving you for Evo

You said I’m distant, I’d have to agree,
I’m trying to build up my Master League team
It’s not something that just happens overnight
I hope you can see what I’m doing is right

I know you think saying I love you, seems to say it all
But I’d rather learn how to perfect the perfect through ball
And I can’t bear to think of the time we were together I lost
Trying to master the Rabona cross

Don’t think it’s plain sailing, for PES and me all of the time,
2008 wasn’t great, and I’m not too fond of ’09
But my commitment is strong and I’ll never let go
So baby, I’m leaving you for Pro Evo

I know the network play is nowhere near what it could be
I know most of the kits aren’t licensed and its got horrendous commentary
But it never moans at me, when I come home late at night
And it doesn’t get moody, and stay at its mum’s when I forget its birthday or valentines

Baby thats it I’m afraid, I have to take my pick
I’m afraid the sex with you didn’t come near to scoring a direct free kick
So please wipe your tears, and maybe next year, you’ll see that this was best
That’s why baby, I’m leaving you for PES

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  1. Toño, fíchalo para tu cruzada por la vuelta de la retro… pero para mandarlo a las puertas de Sony: en un par de días, asunto resuelto. XDDDDDD

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