Gran Turismo HD para PS3, gratis y disponible el 23 de Marzo

Sony acaba de confirmar mediante nota de prensa que Gran Turismo HD será gratis y estará disponible para que los usuarios europeos lo descarguen desde la Playstation Network el mismo día de lanzamiento de PlayStation 3, siguiendo los siguientes pasos:

1) Conecta tu PS3 a Internet
2) Entra en la PLAYSTATION®Network
3) Dirígete a la PS Store
4) Selecciona Gran Turismo HD y descárgalo gratuitamente

Más fácil, imposible. Una gran forma de probar el potencial de PlayStation 3 sin necesidad de gastar un euro más… Que con el precio que tiene la consola no creo que les sobren muchos a sus compradores después de hacerse con ella.

Nota de prensa:
Gran Turismo is back…Exclusively on PLAYSTATION Network

o A big year for Gran Turismo starts with a free download for PS3 owners o Gran Turismo HD Concept is exclusive to PLAYSTATION Network o Ten super-hot cars – and Ferrari make their Gran Turismo debut!

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the return of Gran Turismo™. The latest edition to the best-selling franchise, Gran Turismo™ HD Concept will be available on March 23, to accompany the European launch of PLAYSTATION®3 (PS3™) and the PLAYSTATION®Network1, the online home of PS3.

PLAYSTATION®Network is the vast network that connects PS3 owners to a world of online gaming and downloadable content, and Gran Turismo HD Concept will be amongst its first offerings. A playable one-track glimpse of the next stage in the iconic motoring title’s evolution, Gran Turismo HD Concept is available as a free download for PS3 owners from PLAYSTATION®Store (PS Store), PLAYSTATION®Network’s download site.

Players start with one car on the Eiger Nordwand track in the Swiss Alps. When the track is completed within the time limit, another car is unlocked. There are nine further cars to unlock in this way, including a Ferrari 599 – the first time a Ferrari has appeared in Gran Turismo. In another first, Gran Turismo HD Concept’s Time Trial will bring into effect the first Gran Turismo online rankings system. For the first time, players will be able to track who the best Gran Turismo driver is – and we expect a lot of dedication to be put in.

Gran Turismo HD Concept is exclusive to PLAYSTATION®Network – it can’t be found anywhere else. If you know and love Gran Turismo’s take on tuning up the world’s finest machines before thrashing them around the world’s most realistic courses, PLAYSTATION®Network will be the place to be once your PS3 is out of the box. It’s simple:

1) Connect your PS3 to Broadband

2) Follow the in pack instructions to sign up your PS3 on PLAYSTATION®Network

3) Go to the PS Store

4) Select Gran Turismo HD Concept and download for free

Key Features:

* Gran Turismo HD Concept is free to download from PS Store
* The first Gran Turismo title to support online rankings
* Stunning 1080p High Definition graphics – only possible with the power of PS3
* Next generation vehicle handling makes Gran Turismo HD Concept the most advanced Gran Turismo title yet
* Players can tackle the course in regular Time Trial and new Drift Trial modes
* Gamers know what they’re getting with Gran Turismo – 47 million Gran Turismo titles have been sold worldwide to date

There’ll be a sneak peek of the Nissan cars in Gran Turismo HD Concept on the Nissan stand at the Geneva Motor Show from March 6th, but the best way to get involved is to hook a PS3 straight up to PLAYSTATION®Network, then hit the download button. We can’t say too much right now, but it’s going to be a big year for this title; Gran Turismo HD Concept is just the beginning. Gran Turismo HD Concept goes online on PLAYSTATION®Network on March 23rd – as soon as PS3 hits stores.

1. At launch the PLAYSTATION®Network will be available in 44 countries, and downloadable content will be available in 23 countries across the SCEE territories.

Note to editors:

For more information, please contact your local PR manager.

About Gran Turismo™

With more than 47 million units sold worldwide, the award-winning Gran Turismo™ franchise for the PlayStation®, PlayStation®2 and PLAYSTATION®3 is regarded as the best and most authentic driving simulation ever created due to its true-to-life graphics, physics and real-life cars and tracks. Since the inception of the Gran Turismo franchise, famed creator Kazunori Yamauchi and Polyphony Digital Inc. in Japan have revolutionized the racing category as we know it today. His offerings provide the gamer with the most true-to-life driving simulation within the industry and a unique medium for motor manufacturers to showcase their products.


  1. Este gt hd es un gt 4 concept vitaminado al maximo de resolucion nada que no hayan dicho ya los chicos de polyphoni digital, de ahi que se haya convertido en descarga gratuita,(cuando anunciaron que querian hacerlo pagar muuuuuuuuuuuuuchos usuarios se les tiraron al cuello cual perro rabioso, lastima que este tipo de reacciones solo ocurran en pocas ocasiones, el relanzamiento de ico, el mgs subsistence, este gt hd… por que no se habra hecho lo mismo con el precio de la consola?)

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