Todas las recompensas de avatar de Xbox 360


La gente de Game Informer ha recopilado una exhaustiva lista con todas las recompensas de avatar desbloqueables con los juegos del catálogo de Xbox 360. Desde misteriosas criaturas del Limbo hasta sombreros mexicanos en el listado de moda más completo hasta la fecha.

After Burner Climax
After Burner T-Shirt – Unlock every EX option
Gold Flight Helmet – Obtain one of every medal type in Score Attack

Alan Wake
Jacket and Scarf – Play the Limited Collector’s Edition Bonus disc

Alien Breed 2
Barne’s Helmet – Kill 50 aliens
Body Armor – Complete single player

Ancients of Ooga
Fireling’s Mask – Complete all of the levels and revive the ancient
Healer’s Mask – Complete the trials

Commander’s Hat – Finish the campaign
Emperean Uniform – Finish the prologue

Friend Re-Challenge T-Shirt – Beat a friend’s re-challenge
Legend T-Shirt – Earn the Legend rank in multiplayer
Showdown T-Shirt – Beat every boss
Sticker T-Shirt – Unlock every achievement
Wreck T-Shirt – Wreck another car

Comic Jumper
Captain Smiley Hat – Finish the game
Star/Gerda T-Shirt – Finish the first level

Crackdown 2
Freaky Slippers – Survive Agent Diagnostics and be deployed in Pacific City
Level 1 Agent Suit – Detonate every beacon
Official Agency Hoodie – Complete one of every objective type
Orb Shirt – Earn the First Blood achievement from Crackdown 1 then play Crackdown 2
Ruffian Hat – Detonate ever beacon in Hope Springs
PvP Agent Armor – Complete 15 minutes of Main (requires Deluge add-on)
PvP Agent Suit – Purchase Deluge add-on
Xbox Green Suit – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)
Xbox Helmet – Earn the Rocketeer achievement (requires Toy Box DLC)

Red Darwinia T-Shirt – Win a game of Multiwinia on Xbox Live
Squad T-Shirt – Complete the Epilogue

Deadliest Warrior
Samurai Armor – Complete Arcade mode on any difficulty setting
Samurai Helmet – Complete Arcade mode with every character on Deadliest difficulty setting

Dead to Rights: Retribution
GAC Armor – Complete the game on Officer difficulty or higher
GAC Helmet – In one level, get 30 headshots on Officer difficulty or higher
GCPD T-Shirt – Finish a level without firing one shot
Jack and Shadow T-Shirt – Achieve 20 Jack and Shadow kills on any level
Retribution T-Shirt – In the first mission, protect all of the hostages

Dragon Hatchling – Complete Ms. Heybenstance’s quest to save her dragon
Unicorn Poop T-Shirt – Kill the twin dragons guarding the artifact

Destination: Arcade
Dragon Pet – Find the dragon in the arcade
Hoodie – Check out Destination: Arcade

Doom II: Hell on Earth
Marine Suit – Finish No Rest for the Living
Doom II T-Shirt – Finish any level

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Jet Pack – Finish the game
T-Shirt – Complete any level

Earthworm Jim HD
Earthworm Jim Shirt – Defeat Billy
Earthworm Jim Supersuit – Complete any bonus stage

Fable III
Crown – Become the king of Albion
Royal Boots – Win the support of the Dwellers
Royal Shirt – Win the support of Bowerstone
Royal Trousers – Win the support of the Swift Brigade

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock
Demigod Helmet – Free the Demigod
Guitar Hero Shirt – Play One Song
Johnny’s Jacket – Earn 1,500 Stars
Legendary Guitar – Obtain the Legendary Guitar
Soundgarden Shirt – Play Black Rain

Halo Waypoint
Monitor Pet – Start Halo Waypoint
ODST Armor – Unlock Halo 3: ODST’s Good Samaritan achievement
ODST Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST’s Campaign achievement
ODST Hoodie – Unlock Halo 3: ODST’s Dark Times achievement
ODST Shirt – Unlock Halo 3: ODST’s Tourist achievement
Recon Helmet – Unlock Halo 3: ODST Vidmaster Endure achievement

Halo Reach
Carter’s Helmet – Clear a campaign mission on Legendary difficulty without dying
Emile’s Helmet – Earn a Bulltrue medal in multiplayer or Firefight matchmaking
Jorge’s Helmet – Earn a Killtacular medal in multiplayer matchmaking
Jun’s Helmet – Kill 100 enemies in a row without dying in campaign or Firefight
Kat’s Helmet – Avenge a teammate’s death in multiplayer matchmaking
Noble 6 Helmet – Available to attendees of 2010 Gamescom, PAX, or San Diego Comic-Con

Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Hydro Thunder T-Shirt – Earn 800 points from events
Toy Boat – Earn 18,5000 Points

Joy Ride
Aviator Goggles – Play each activity
Boss Hoodie – Race on All Tracks
Marathon Racer Suit – Play for 10 hours
Raven Jacket – Drive every vehicle
Smashing Helmet – Play each activity 10 times

Kinect Adventures
Adventurers Outfit – Participate in the Ultimate Treasure award ceremony
Gloves – Participate in the Treasure Grab award ceremony
Sunglasses – Participate in the Chasing the Sun award ceremony
Sweatband – Participate in the Gearing Up award ceremony
Watch & Band – Participate in the Winning Time award ceremony

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Mercenary Outfit – Complete the game (different outfit for male and female avatars)

Lazy Raiders
Dr. Diggabone’s Hat – Collect 16 relics
Dr. Giggabone’s Outfit – Start the game

Left 4 Dead 2
Bull Shifters Shirt – Win 10 games in Verses
Depeche Mode Shirt – Hold and rescue Gnome Chompski from Dark Carnival
Gnome Pet – Play six mutations (requires The Passing DLC)
L4D2 Hat – Play any map in The Passing
L4D2 Shirt – Win 10 Scavenge games
Med Kit – Beat all five campaigns
Zombie Hand Shirt – Kill 10,000 infected

Limbo Pet – Beat the game
Limbo T-Shirt – Earn your first Limbo Achievement

Over the Top Hat – Play one song
Lady Gaga Shades – Earn 100 of every type of medal and 100,000 stars
Infinity Shades – Earn infinity on a song

Lips: I Love the 80s
Chillin’ Blazer – In Relax, achieve a Big Bang rating
Devo Outfit – In Whip It, achieve a Big Bang rating

Lips: Party Classics
Biker Guy/Gal – In YMCA, perform all gestures and get a Big Bang rating
Teen Sensation – In I Think We are Alone Now, perform all gestures and earn a Big Bang rating

Magic: The Gathering – Duels of the Planeswalkers
Magic the Gathering Cards – Unlock all cards for six decks
Planeswalkers T-Shirt – Unlock all cards for three decks

Major League Baseball 2K10
2K Sports Jersey – Win a game in any mode
Bat and Ball – Hit 150 homers, or win the batting title in Franchise or My Player modes
Batting Helmet – Hit a grand slam
Evan Longoria Jersey – Win the best fielder award in Franchise or My Player modes
MLB 2K10 Jersey – In My Player, get called up to the Majors

Monday Night Combat
Mascot Mask – Meet the mascot during the tutorial
Monday Night Combat Shirt – Complete Exhibition Blitz mode

Perfect Dark
Elvis Plushie – Beat the game and complete a special mission
Perfect Dark Shirt – Achieve a headshot

Giant Crown – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 2
Radskulls T-Shirt – Complete a mega-challenge in chapter 1

Red Dead Redemption
Gentleman’s Attire/Ladies Finest – Complete the Skin It To Win Challenge in the Social Club
Rockstar T-Shirt – Find the hidden chest in Riley’s Charge
Sombrero – Shot an enemy’s hat off without killing them
Red Dead T-Shirt – Open the chest in the Marston household’s attic

Risk: Factions
Risk T-Shirt – Finish the game
Robot Head – Finish the game

Rock Band 3
Bass T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy bass (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Drum T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy drums (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Guitar T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy guitar (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Keyboard T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy keys (or 3 star on higher difficulties)
Microphone T-Shirt – 5 star 25 rock band 3 songs on Easy vocals (or 3 star on higher difficulties)

Scrap Metal
R/C Car – Complete all single player missions
Scrap Metal T-Shirt – Complete your first race

Snoopy Flying Ace
Red Baron Avatar Outfit – Achieve the Flying Ace rank
Snoopy Avatar Shirt – Earn a medal on all missions

Sonic Adventure
Black Sonic T-Shirt – Sega announced this award can be unlocked through gameplay
White Sonic T-Shirt – Sega announced this award can be unlocked through gameplay

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1
Sonic Costume – Finish the game
Sonic Mask – Play the game

South Park Let’s Go Tower Defense Play!
Cartman’s Hat – Complete one level
Kenny’s Hoodie – Complete the campaign

‘Splosion Man
Big Science Shirt/Dress – Complete the multiplayer campaign
‘Splosion Man Shirt/Sweatshirt – Break any glass object

Toy Soldiers
Gas Mask – Complete the first level
Pickelhaube Hat – Finish the campaign

A World of Keflings
Dragon – NinjaBee announced this award can be unlocked through gameplay
Helmet – NinjaBee announced this award can be unlocked through gameplay

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